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High-efficiency automation technology for companies

We’re ready and able to move your world! We have the power to understand your company and every detail of your processes, and to develop innovative software that is tailored to your products and services.

Thanks to our own R&D, we are constantly redefining the limits of technical and commercial feasibility. So with an iSAM automation solution, you’re always ahead of the curve.

Benefits across all levels:

  • Optimize your performance and the quality of your products through better availability, smoother operations and better plant utilization.
  • Holistic solutions for automation and process optimization ensure excellent investment security.
  • Increase the market viability and competitiveness of your company by using innovative technology to realize its full value creation potential.
We use a step-by-step process to implement our fully customized, end-to-end solutions – from initial analysis through to the finished turnkey product, all from a single source:

1. Feasibility studies and system analysis

The first step in any project is to establish the feasibility of your goals. And the first step in software development is to analyze your existing system and establish the necessary functionality. We then create a model that is tailored to your needs and refine it to fit seamlessly with your business. Working closely with you throughout, we ensure that all your objectives are met.


  • Secure investment through verified feasibility
  • Maximum value from your application through optimized software development

2. Hardware and software engineering

Our user-focused software solutions bring added value at every level: from measurement technology and machine/process control through logistics, production planning and billing. As well as developing the software, we provide full support for your hardware planning process. All electrical components are specified, sized and documented. Computers, network components, control systems and the latest sensor technology are all perfectly tailored to both the software solution and your specific requirements.


  • Smooth processes across all levels through vertical integration from level 0 to level 4
  • Reliable interaction of all components through custom hardware and software engineering from a single source

More information on software development for industrial, commercial and control applications:

Software for industrial data processing

Our services range from client-specific software to enterprise-wide networks and full integration of heterogeneous IT environments.


  • Maximum efficiency with a software solution that is tailored to your existing infrastructure
  • Year-round dependability and operational reliability – even in demanding conditions

Software for commercial data processing

When designing user-oriented software and process solutions, we often have to integrate enterprise-wide processes and data flows and create interfaces to standard systems, host computers and the client’s existing data sources (accounting, materials management, production planning & control).


  • Excellent flexibility thanks to a modular software structure that allows easy adaptation to changing processes
  • Focus on your core business while we monitor and maintain your system, if required

Software development for control systems

Whether you need a standalone solution or full automation of a large industrial plant, our PLC software covers the entire range of automation and visualization systems.

With our expert knowledge of market-leading products, we can select the ideal option for your specific needs and integrate it seamlessly into your existing environment.


  • The best solution for your business – be it SIEMENS, ABB, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, GE or Schneider
  • Identify and leverage the automation and optimization potential in your business

3. Sensor systems for image processing

Our sensor systems for image processing are also tailored to your needs. Applications range from basic material flow control, item-level tracking and high-speed process monitoring to high-precision geometric measurement, automated X-ray analysis and guidance tasks in machine automation. Using the latest 2D/3D laser technology, satellite navigation and iSAM software, your machines can “see” their environment and make autonomous decisions based on current conditions.


  • Improved productivity and quality in your manufacturing process through high-end image generation and processing technology
  • Exceptional functionality and failsafe performance with our customized end-to-end solution – from initial concept through to system integration

4. Control technology and quality data acquisition

We also develop innovative controllers with custom modes (adaptive, fuzzy logic, etc.) for high-end applications in electrical drive, hydraulic, position control and material flow control systems. For less sophisticated tasks, we also offer a choice of more affordable standard solutions.

Given the steady growth in demand for measurement-data acquisition, high-speed control and long-term process data storage, we also develop powerful solutions for the acquisition and analysis of measurement data.


  • Optimum cost/benefit when selecting control technology
  • Continuous product quality assurance through acquisition and analysis of measurement data

5. Turnkey project management

iSAM delivers turnkey solutions with everything from a single source – from analysis, engineering and implementation through to downstream services such as system maintenance, monitoring and user training.


  • Reliable results thanks to comprehensive simulation and testing in our own laboratories
  • Zero friction losses or interface issues thanks to customized, end-to-end, single-source solutions
  • Fast development and implementation thanks to efficient project control