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Welding Control for Weld Seams of Large-Diameter Pipes:
Laser Optical Seam Tracking System for Ultrasonic Testing

Welding technology in the pipeline production includes a reliable quality control and the control of the weld seams of finished pipes. For the measurement, the ultrasonic transducers of the equipment must precisely follow the weld seam which, however, does not form a perfect straight line due to manufacturing tolerances.

The laser optical seam tracking system developed by iSAM® supports ultrasonic testing systems with a sensor which recognizes the weld reinforcement in the tube surface profile. The seam tracking software guides the probes in an exact track over the weld seam, thus enabling a reliable inspection of the joint.

The highlights of the iSAM solution:


The 2D laser light-section sensor detects extremely flat seam contours


Exact guidance of the ultrasonic probe

Temperaturüberwachung des Lichtschnittsensors

Additional functions such as numerical display of the measurement results, temperature monitoring of the laser sensor, fault indication, diagnostic and recorder functions

The advantages of the system:

  • Improved quality assurance due to repeatable operations and recorder function for parallel recording of measuring sequences
  • Increased availability of the UT equipment
  • User-friendly visualization of the pipe surface profile
  • Possibility to add additional visualization clients


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