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Autonomous Wagon Loading Station for Bulk Goods

For the automation of wagon loading stations for different bulk materials, iSAM has redesigned and implemented the core functions locomotive control, wagon positioning, filling of wagons and connection to the central logistics systems. Depending on the specific weight of the material, it is charged either on the basis of the total mass or the total volume adapted to the loading capacity.

The highlights of the iSAM solution:

Regelung des Schüttvorgang

Effective control of the loading process via hydraulically operated, position-controlled shell valves using a 2D laser scanner system

Mengenoptimierte Beladung

Mass-optimized loading according to the specific loading profile of the wagon (load and volume limit)

Steuerung Fahrgeschwindigkeit

Optimized speed control of the train

The advantages of the system:

  • Shorter loading times due to optimized filling
  • Lower transport costs due to optimized utilization of the maximum wagon capacity
    – Utilization of the load limit for high density bulk goods > 98%
    – Utilization of the volume limit for low density bulk goods > 95%
  • Minimal maintenance due to the use of robust heavy-duty components
  • High flexibility in configuration due to numerous standard interfaces to other hardware and software components
  • Remote maintenance functionality of the entire system


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