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Automation in Welding Technology:
Integrated Systems for Submerged Arc Welding

In many welding application areas, welding systems need not only to be efficient and work reliably, but also withstand extreme environmental conditions. The digital adaptive arc controller developed by iSAM ensures a high and constant quality of the weld seam in a wide variety of applications which can also be reliably documented by an extensive process record.

The highlights of the iSAM solution:


iSAM® arc controller for simultaneous and independent control of up to 8 wires


Controlled burn-off through digital control of wire feed


Measuring accuracy in multi-wire SA welding mostly better than 0.5%


Quality assessment through process data acquisition and standardized error reporting system

The advantages of the system:

  • Constant quality through stable arc
  • Efficiency due to high welding speed
  • Automatic adaptation of the control parameters to the welding speed for high-speed tack welding of longitudinal seam or spiral pipes (in use up to 12 m/min)
  • Optimized ignition and stop performance through parameterizable ramp functions
  • Monitoring of the welding process and transmitting of the measured data to a central visualization enables unattended welding
  • Relief of operators by automated operation of the welding process


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Corinth Pipeworks S.A.


ESAB International AB




Jindal Saw Limited

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PSL Ltd.

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Stupp Corporation


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