Experience in bulk materials handling

Automation of combined stacker reclaimer
- in cooperation with FLSmidth -

The bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, especially if running automatically, proves a very economical means for bulk materials handling, e.g. pellets, fine ore, coal and coke. iSAM redesigned the electrical engineering of such a handling device resulting in the first unattended stacker reclaimer for iron ore and coal.

Real-time terrain model

Real-time terrain model

Based on 3-D laser scanning and satellite navigation a real-time terrain model with an accuracy of 10 cm is created. This accuracy is achieved by the interaction of a high scan rate of 28000 pixel/s with a RTK GPS receiver. The terrain model is automatically updated.

Visualisation example

Visualisation example

The only thing the operator has to do is to click on a stockpile and select the amount of material required. Thereafter, the combined stacker reclaimer is automatically positioned in the stockyard and the desired material is reclaimed without any further user intervention. One single operator can easily control up to 6 devices from one central control pulpit.

Dual-channel design of the equipment overload protection allows the classification in accordance with DIN EN 954-1 Safety Class 3.

Advanced automation systems lower handling costs and increase capacity. The precision of the model incorporated here results in high and constant conveying rates. Thus, manpower can be reduced significantly without overloading the equipment.

Furthermore, in maintaining a more homogeneous material flow this automated and, accordingly smooth operation leads to a reduction in wear occurring on the mechanical parts, and to a substantial increase in overall throughput.
Fields of application: Loading/unloading, stockpiling in ports, power plants, metallurgical plants etc.
Read this application report:

Automation of Stacker/Reclaimers for Bulk Materials - New Construction of Stacker/Reclaimer 6
for Massagoed-Overslagsbedrijf (EMO) bv, Rotterdam
read this application report (703kB)

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